Tusker Premium

Tusker is a unique beer, tailor made for the south pacific, with a light body fullness of flavor and mouthfeel.

The liquor content is 5% by volume, delivering a dry, estery, fruity enhanced brew that is simple and pleasant to drink. It’s a lager that is improved with the circumstances.

Individuals used to call it level, thin and dull. In any case, nowadays the outline of the lager name’s by all account not the only thing that is enhanced – the brew’s gotten spicier giving recently the measure of kick to wash down Vanuatu’s acclaimed kava (the Pacific’s most grounded, or so they say), or to toast another hot sunny day on the tidal pond.

It’s a lighter tasting ale which makes it perfect for evening tasting. The immense thing about Tusker is it’s not only for voyagers – it’s a common laborers brew for the general population that
still doesn’t watch strange in Vanuatu’s finest eateries.


  Vanuatu Brewing Limited