Best coordinated with huge blue skies, sun-splashed days, great visits and extraordinary mates, XXXX GOLD Australian Lager is big on taste. The ale has an adjusted, smooth flavor and body, complimented by mellow intensity and only a hint of sweetness from the additional malt. When it hits your lips, there’s no mixing up the reviving taste of GOLD. It’s no big surprise why it’s Australia’s main lager.


A taste of the good life

Mid-strength meets full flavor with XXXX GOLD Australian Lager. In any case, it’s diligent work getting a beer this brimming with enhance. How would we do it? We utilize brilliant bunch jumps that are fermented with the finest fixings, for example, Australian malted grain and our trademark yeast, to give the ale its mark taste. Also, we guarantee that crisp characteristic flavor in each drop by never including additives. Ever.



Type: Lager
Color: Gold
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 3.50%


  Lion Beer Australia