Matiné Session IPA

Portuguese Session IPA with mouthwatering grapefruit, mango and pineapple touches

Like many breweries, Portugal’s Dois Corvos is passionate about what they do, their sole aim to spread the gospel of Craft beer far and wide by bottling the traditions and flavours of their native land.   The name, Matiné, was chosen for this beer thanks to its easy-drinking nature, allowing you to enjoy it any time of day.   Pouring bright blonde, Matiné offers classic IPA traits of passion fruit, peach, and grapefruit, against a wood-grained backdrop of pine and herbs, while the medium body, and watery texture make this a highly agreeable beer with a soft bitterness.   This is a beer that has a massive hop punch but in a more “sessionable” package… meaning you can have more than one and still go about your business. The selection of hops deliver flavors of tangerine, passion fruit and peach in a drinkable package.


  Dois Corvos Cervejeira, Lda.