o’hara’s Curim Gold

Inspired by an old Celtic word for Beer, “Curmi/Cuirim”, this delightfully refreshing wheat beer echoes the Celtic heritage of the region where it is brewed today.

Curim has a higher hope rate than the mainstream wheat beers which leaves a slight tart residue, enough to balance the delicate fruity flavours of peach, banana and plum.



It’s low in alcohol, with only 4.3% ABV which contributes to make it light and refreshing unlike some denser counterparts. On the nose it’s quite fruity: orange, peaches and honey take the lead -a wheat beer after all- with some biscuit-like notes on the background. A slightly bitter aftertaste cuts the sweetness and ensures it doesn’t become overwhelming.


Style Celtic Wheat Beer 
ABV 4.3% 
Plato ° 10.75° 
IBU 15 
Fermentation Top fermentation 
Availability Keg (carbonated), Bottle 50cl (occasional 41L cask)

Serving Temperatur6-8°C 
Food Pairing Truly refreshing, Curim Gold is an excellent accompaniment to hot and spicy dishes. 
Glass Curim Gold Wheat Beer glass


  Carlow Brewing Company Ltd