Number One

Definitely it’s that famous French certainty that incited the naming of Number One ale in one of France’s two Pacific stations, New Caledonia.   While Number One is undoubtedly number… continua a leggere »

Mai Lager

Mai is a true Lager fermented with German Pilsner malt and the expansion of four bounces which give this brew its particular notes. In the past times, in the event… continua a leggere »

Vonu Pure Lager

Vonu’s trademark “Pure Fiji Rainwater Turned Into Beer” is a shrewd one, and consolidated with its swanky container outline you can’t resist feeling Vonu will taste spotless and fresh just by… continua a leggere »

Tusker Premium

Tusker is a unique beer, tailor made for the south pacific, with a light body fullness of flavor and mouthfeel. The liquor content is 5% by volume, delivering a dry,… continua a leggere »

Hinano Lager

Gold Medal in 1990 and 1993 ! The Hinano brew is a special, base matured, brilliant hued ale, with 5% liquor content and articulated sharpness. It is created in the… continua a leggere »

SP Lager

For more than 60 years SP Lager has been Papua New Guinea’s special coolant. It’s the lager local people have when they’re sharing great circumstances, unwinding with their mates, angling… continua a leggere »

Niugini Ice

At the point when the sun sets, Niugini Ice turns out.   Niugini Ice is the lager that kicks the gathering off. One of SP’s finest, it is fermented in… continua a leggere »


Best coordinated with huge blue skies, sun-splashed days, great visits and extraordinary mates, XXXX GOLD Australian Lager is big on taste. The ale has an adjusted, smooth flavor and body, complimented… continua a leggere »

Victoria Bitter

Nothing’s an accident with Victoria Bitter, including the bottle. The stubby was chosen because it sits nicely in the hand for easy drinking. It’s a practical shape with no frills,… continua a leggere »

Cascade Pale Ale

An Australian-style Pale Ale, well-loved in our southernmost state for generations, Cascade Pale Ale is the oldest continuously brewed beer in the country.   Aroma and Taste Hopped with Pride… continua a leggere »