Tag: Alcohol

Bad Brewer Amber Ale

Bad Brewer Amber Ale è una birra dal colore arancio intenso, schiuma cremosa e persistente. Il dry hopping regala un bouquet floreale, agrumato e resinoso affiancato da note di malto… continua a leggere »

Franziskaner Royal

“L’elegante compagno per il buon cibo” I mastri birrai hanno creato una ricetta Weissbier unica per Franziskaner Royal con grande attenzione ad ingredienti squisiti. L’ aroma di profumo incomparabile è… continua a leggere »

Heineken 0.0

GREAT TASTE. ALL NATURAL. ZERO ALCOHOL. Brewing a good tasting zero.0% alcohol beer, is it even possible? Our master brewers started from zero and spent years exploring, brewing, and tasting… continua a leggere »

Victoria Bitter

Nothing’s an accident with Victoria Bitter, including the bottle. The stubby was chosen because it sits nicely in the hand for easy drinking. It’s a practical shape with no frills,… continua a leggere »

Premium lager EGGENBERG

Premium lager EGGENBERG Typical South Bohemian deep fermented lager with gold colouring, full of flavour, perfect consistent of bitter-sweetish strong flavour and high frothiness. Alcohol volume 5%. All beer types… continua a leggere »