Suntory The Premium Malt’s

The Premium Malt’s features a delicate floral aroma and a rich, quality taste. The Premium Malt’s is made from carefully selected pure ingredients using original brewing methods, in pursuit of the perfect premium beer.

“I want to produce one of the world’s best beer.”
This aspiration of Ryuzo Yamamoto, the developer of The Premium Malt’s, was the starting point in the development of The Premium Malt’s. Yamamoto studied beer brewing in Europe, especially from the famous pilsner beers of the Czech Republic and Germany. He spent l0 years working to achieve a beer featuring a floral aroma of hops without parallel in the world, a noble and spicy yet bitter taste and a high quality astringency that evaporates instantaneously.

Every brew masters involved in the production of The Premium Malt’s fulfills their duties with pride and responsibility-from the selection of purest ingredients manufacturing, until the product reaches to the hands of consumers.

The ideal beer, brought about by pursuing only the highest quality flavor and aroma, continues to evolve into an even more superior beer.

Ingredients: Malt, hops
Alcohol content: 5.5%
Nutritional facts (per 100 ml):

  • Calories 47kcal
  • Protein 0.4~0.6g
  • Total fat 0g
  • Total carbohydrate 3.8g
  • Dietary fiber 0~0.1g
  • Sodium 0~7mg
  • Purine bodies 9.5mg