Tire Burning Weizen

Thai beer…brewed in Cambodia?

Panitan Tongsiri, founder of Stone Head Thai Craft Beer, figured out how to circumvent Thailand’s antiquated brewing restrictions: brew in Cambodia and sell it back home as an “import.”
“We are the first and still the only group of Thais who own a microbrewery and can brew and bottle our own beer independently,” says Tongsiri.
“Our goal is to raise awareness about the injustice of Thailand’s brewing laws, and to make people question why Thais can’t brew in their own country.”
Brewed with Hallertau hops — one of Europe’s four classic “noble hops” — at Stone Head’s facility in Cambodia’s western Koh Kong province, the easy-drinking Tire Burning is an admirable take on the classic German weizen, with subtle, style-appropriate flavors of clove and banana.
Though Stone Head plans to eventually export throughout Southeast Asia, for now they only distribute to Bangkok.
Style: Hefeweizen
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 5.70%

Stone Head Co.