Thrash Metal

Thrash Metal – Farmhouse Strong Ale

A hop forward beer with dank, resinous hop flavor and aroma, balanced by lightly kilned malt flavors, farmhouse yeast esters and a bit of warming alcohol. Thrash Metal Farmhouse Strong Ale is an homage to thrash metal music, which often fuels us during our daily chores at Jester King.


Packages: 750ml bottles
Category: Stainless Steel Fermented
OG: 1.077  FG: 1.007  ABV: 9.3%
Water: Hill Country Well Water
Grains: Pilsner Malt, Two-Row Malt,
Wheat Malt, Caramunich Malt
Hops: East Kent Goldings, Cascade, Columbus
Fermentation: Farmhouse Yeast


  Jester King Brewery