SS Maori Dry Cider

SS Maori Dry Cider:

The S.S. Maori was a typical British steam cargo vessel of the early 1890’s. One fated stormy night on Tuesday 5 August 1909 in thick fog and turbulent seas, and under the command of Captain G. Nicole, the ship met its doom and was wrecked in the bay, north of Duiker Point.

En route from London to New Zealand, carrying a crew of 53 and a mixed cargo of British manufactured goods, including contraband explosives, railway-lines, crockery & water-piping. That stormy night, a life-boat with 15 brave crew members made for Chapman’s bay, but six were drowned when it capsized. Altogether 32 lives were lost.

The wreck rests at a depth of about 20m on the sea bed. Extensively plundered for its bounty of non-ferrous fittings and large amounts of intact crockery. The ship’s bell is housed in the Hout Bay museum. This historical wreck is now protected by legislation. Removing wreckage or artifacts is a criminal offence and at your own peril.



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